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Child custody issues can arise both during and after a divorce. Child custody issues can also occur when the child's parents have never been married to each other. Whether you are in the middle of a divorce or not, the Maryland child custody lawyers at Edwards Phillip Amourgis PC can help you.

Edwards Philip Amourgis, PC
Edwards Philip Amourgis, PC

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Deciding where your children will live and how often you will get to spend time with them is not easy. Which parent should your son or daughter live with? If your son or daughter lives with Mom, how often and when can Dad visit? Where will your children be for national and religious holidays, such as Christmas or Labor Day, half days at school or days off for teacher training, or the long summer vacation? What happens if Mom or Dad wants to move out of state? What do you do if the other parent does not follow the court orders on visitation, Maryland child custody, or child support?

The Maryland child custody lawyers at Edwards Phillip Amourgis, PC, will analyze your Maryland child custody case to make informed decisions.

Maryland Child Custody Agreements

Often, parents with children have agreed-upon child custody and visitation, even before a court case for Maryland child custody is filed. When they do, they may want a Maryland child custody lawyer to put their agreement into writing so that the Court will incorporate the parents' custody agreement into the Maryland child custody order. The Maryland child custody lawyers at Edwards Phillip Amourgis, PC, can guide you in reaching an amicable resolution of these issues while still protecting the issues that mean to most to you.

Edwards Philip Amourgis, PC
Edwards Philip Amourgis, PC

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At Edwards Phillip Amourgis, PC, our Maryland child custody lawyers work tirelessly to protect our clients' best interests and legal rights. Call (301) 841-7188, toll-free at (877)631-4002, or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation, initial consultation with one of our Maryland child custody lawyers.

When There Is No Child Custody Agreement

When there is no Maryland child custody agreement, the fight over the custody of your children can be a heart-wrenching battle between parents, guardians, and other people who love and care for your children and want what is best for them. Both parents may wish to do what is best for their children but cannot agree. Maryland child custody and the related issue of child support are frequent sources of conflict between parents.

Why Get a Child Custody Lawyer

When the parents are fighting about child custody in Maryland, a judge will weigh various factors to determine who custody the children. Parents are not necessarily awarded joint custody of the children, nor will the judge automatically give custody to the children's natural mother. Therefore, it is vital to present a strong case in court so that when the judge weighs the factors used to determine custody, they will choose the outcome you prefer. A Maryland child custody lawyer who is experienced with Maryland child custody cases will know what factors the court considers when determining child custody and help you present your best case to the court.

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Whether you seek custody or visitation rights, you need to understand how your decisions will impact your life. Our Maryland child custody lawyers work closely with clients to ensure that they have the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their children. To schedule a free, no-obligation, initial consultation with a knowledgeable Maryland child custody lawyer, call (301) 841-7188, toll-free at (877) 631-4002, or contact us online.